Sanja Milardović: “Usually something, some particular moment, event or character stays in my mind and I can’t get rid of it, so I just have to start writing about it.


By Marco Crispano
Tell us about your creative process. Where do you start from? How do you create?

Usually something, some peculiar moment, an event or character sticks to my mind and I just can’t get rid of it so I just have to start writing about it. And then by writing and going deeper into it, after some time I realize why it got stuck to me. The way story forms and how it goes on from there on is never the same but this start and my obsession with something usually is.


“I’m not telling you anything, just sayin tells us about the mother daughter relationship in adulthood. What prompts you to deal with this issue?

Well, as I said, some themes or characters just stick to me and in a given moment I start to imagine where could this go… So, I suppose i would say it has to do with my mother and me being her daughter 😉 Although this story never happened to us, it is pure imagination…


In your opinion, what is the role of cinema in contemporary society?

To make it better through catharsis, criticism, empathy, love… The things we miss as society the most. So just choose your tool, in cinema there are many possibilities 😉


What makes a film good in your opinion?

There are so many things that make a film a good one, but for the very beginning i would say intention (why) and story (what). For me that is crucial, it is the core of it all. And “how”; you will find out along the way…


What are you working on right now?

I am working on my next short film working title “And where is Nataša” and my first feature working title “Greta”.


What are your long-term goals?

To get better in telling my stories, to always question why I am doing it anyway, to discover what can happen next. In terms of exact plans, I have some wishes and I am going towards them, but I don’t expect them to fulfill exactly like I imagined them. My actually only consistent goal is to create with purpose.


Name: Sanja Milardović
Film: I’m not telling you anything, just sayin

From: Croazia