Mondi Lontani Short Film Festival, that has now found its new home in Naples. In its 5th edition, our festival has relocated from its previous residence in Cilento, specifically Scario, to Naples.

Taking place over two immersive days in June 2024 at a cinema in Naples, this festival is a testament to our deep love for the art of filmmaking.

At the Mondi Lontani Short Film Festival, we believe that cinema is an expressive medium that thrives on passion and the constant desire to push boundaries. Our mission is to showcase 12 exceptional authorial short films that have been crafted with love and an unwavering commitment to artistic practice.

Dedicated to promoting international cinema from all corners of the globe, our festival brings together diverse voices and cultures. Each selected film will be screened in its original language with Italian subtitles, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the filmmaker’s vision and storytelling.




Our festival support emerging talents. Every month leading up to the annual event, we curate and promote short filmsgiving them the opportunity to share their creative process and insights through exclusive interviews that are published on our website and shared across our social media platforms. These monthly selections will qualify for the annual event, being screened for our audience and getting the chanche to win our 500$ cash prize.

We embrace the spirit of filmmaking in all its forms, appreciating both high-budget productions and no-budget cinema. Genre knows no boundaries at the Mondi Lontani Short Film Festival, as we believe that each cinematic experience has the potential to captivate, challenge, and inspire.