Welcome to the Mondi Lontani Short Film Festival, a celebration of cinema and creative expression from around the world. Our festival is dedicated to providing a platform for authorial short films that embody passion, innovation, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Here’s how our competition works:


1.  Submission and Selection: Filmmakers from every corner of the globe are invited to submit their short films to our festival. Our selection process is rigorous, and each film is carefully reviewed by us. We’re looking for works that showcase a deep artistic commitment, a unique perspective, and a dedication to craft.


2. Monthly Showcases: In each months leading up to the annual festival, we spotlight two artworks. Every month, we curate and promote one short film and one screenplay, promoting them with an interview published on our website. Monthly showcase selections are announced via Filmfreeway and are selected for the annual screening.


3. Annual Event Qualification: From the monthly selections, one film and one screenplay each month will be chosen to qualify for the annual event, held in Naples on July 2024, where selected short films will be screened at the cinema. These works are celebrated for their quality and vision. The annual event give filmmakers the chance to win our $500 cash prize, awarded by our jury.


4. Screenplay Competition: Among all the selected screenplays, one will have the chance to win our cash prize. The winner will be announced during the live event..